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:iconburningplz: :devilish: SPANISH VERSION: sexy-darkness-club.deviantart.… :devilish::iconburningplz:

:flame: WELCOME!!!:flame:

:mwahaha: ….hi people!!!! ….and welcome to the sexiest group dedicated to all the guys who are the nightmare of the good guys…the salt of every good show…the always mighty but sadly almost always defeated… the most complex characters in every story… and of course, the sexiest guys in the shows…feared and hated by ones…loved by others…. THE VILLAINS!!!!!! :clap::clap::clap: :iconkiralaughplz::icondarthvaderplz::mwahaha:

Yeah! The villains are always the detail in every show that if doesn´t exist … the good guys didn´t have anything to do in this world… the villains make the heroes indeed! …BUT…. the good guys can have their weakness and fails too so… their dark side can become and… make them mad, evil….and sexy too XD SO… let´s celebrate those delicious mad moments of the heroes and antiheroes too :w00t:
Also, let´s spread the love for those guys who simply are mad... and that make them sexy :greetings:

:flame: THE RULES :flame:

1. ONLY MEMBERS CAN SUBMIT ART so please be sure to "JOIN" before submit your art :meow:
2.You can submit every work about your fav villain or/and antiheroe… and show us the dark side of your good guy too :D …just make them look AS SEXY AS YOU CAN :love: (just one restriction: THEY MUST BE MALES, ok? )
3.We´ll accept yaoi works too cuz yeah, that´s sexy :devilish: …but…if your work is inapropiated, please put in your work the link to another page, for show the sexiness ;3
4.No flames against the club or the members will be accepted in any circumstance…if any member do that and is reported, you will be out of the club inmediatly so please… let´s maintain the peace :peace::meow:
5.If you are a fan of the heroes and their good side… you can go to out twin club: sexy-angels-club and join there too :D
6.The most important: ENJOY!!!! :dance:

:mwahaha: LIST OF SEXY VILLAINS WE LOVE <3 sexy-darkness-club.deviantart.…

:devilish: LIST OF HEROES AND ANTIHEROES WITH A SEXY DARK SIDE sexy-darkness-club.deviantart.…

:flame: HOW CAN I JOIN THE DARK SIDE???? :flame:

So you like the badies no?... that´s great!! :mwahaha: …. To join you just need click the button "JOIN" and then show our icon :iconsexy-darkness-club : (without spaces) in any part of your journal or profile :D

:flame: HOW CAN I SUBMIT MY SEXY PICS???!!! :flame:

YAY! :iconx3v2plz: … Sexiness becoming!!! :love: … if you want submit your sexy-pic then go to the option "CONTRIBUTE ART", then we`ll check it and you`ll see your pic soon in the gallery :D (just remember follow the rules of DA, you know... about the unappropiated stuff ;3 )


If your club is related to any sexy villain or the dark side of the heroes/antiheroes (oh…yaoi too XD ) or simply you like our group… then… nice to meet you!!! :highfive: …. Just click the button "AFFILIATE" :D :glomp:

:iconsexy-angels-club: <--- our twin club :D

Random from Featured

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:love::iconnosebleedplz::icondroolplz: JUST THE BEST OF THE BEST SEXY SIDE OF ALL THE VILLAINS AND BAD GUYS WHO MAKE US DROOL AND FANGASM!!! :icondroolplz::iconnosebleedplz::love:









:devilish: DON´T FORGET READ THE RULES :flame:
:flame: THE VILLAINS WE LOVE :devilish:


:flame: First, a great welcome to all our members from VMenFangirl and Eleonora79

:iconladytalon1::iconmilkthymellocow::iconthe-piratequeen::iconbig-ogre::iconrushgirl2112::iconyurimilawliet::icondoris4u::iconat-infinity::iconlol18117::iconmatildaa::iconthegeminidream::iconsaizardrancher::iconravenlunatic666::iconifchickenswascandy:, :iconbloody-dementia:, :iconglassrose2000:, :iconwolfshield::iconkaiwaiikoneko-chan::iconcaleighrg::iconpsycho--princess::iconcherise75::iconlord-azeran::iconhikarusdh::iconjohnnynothing::iconeun-su::iconhipandfar-out::icondreycorioco::iconkuromi-xan::icontschatschi::iconseonel::iconshinatty-chan:

Thank you for join us! :iconnewglomp: Hope you enjoy! :dance:


:devilish: Second, Hello ppl!!! :wave: Well, after all this time while you´d been waiting, i´m glad to tell you that the contest that was running in my main account :iconvmenfangirl: and here, had finished :D (thank you for your interest on it :meow::heart: )and now, let´s go to congratulate our winners :dance:

:devilish: 1st PLACE: :iconthe-piratequeen: (one of our dear members :D ) For her 2 entries TLK-ANIME_NOT A MORNING PERSON & C.O. YAOI SLASH_CUZ I CAN (yeah, both of them!, cuz couldn´t decide wich one was the most :icondroolplz::iconeeeeeplz::iconnosebleedplz::iconpervplz::love::icononiskiplz: LOL XD )


:devilish: 2nd PLACE :iconhordaks-pupil: (he participated in VMenFangirl :D ) for PLASMIUS (all of you must read it cuz is angstly delicious and very deep... i really looooove it!!! :love::iconeeeeeplz::iconiluplz::icononiskiplz::iconinloveplz: )

:iconcheerplz:CONGRAAAAATULATIONS!!!!:iconx3v2plz::icondragonspin1::icondragonspin2: AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! :iconspazhugplz::icondragonlick: :iconcheerplz: plz note us to claim your request´s prize :D :glomp:

The prizes were:

1st place: A pic in color about your 3 fav chars by VMenFangirl, 1 complete pic -in color, free topic- by Eleonora79 and feature for 3 weeks in VMenFangirl´s journal, 1 week in Eleonora79`s journal and 3 in the club
2nd place: A lineart about your 2 fav chars by VMenFangirl, a free sketch by Eleonora79 , feature for 3 weeks in VMenFangirl´s journal , feature for 1 week in Eleonora79´s journal and 3 in the club
3rd place: An sketch about your 1 fav char by VMenFangirl , feature for 3 weeks in VMenFangirl´s journal, feature for 1 week in Eleonora79´s journal and 3 in the club


That´s all by the moment, thank you ppl, be welcome and don´t forget, if you have any question Eleonora79 or me VMenFangirl will be glad to answer them :D

Evily Loving you all: VMenFangirl



:devilish: NO OLVIDEN LEER LAS REGLAS :flame:
:flame: LOS VILLANOS QUE AMAMOS :devilish:

:flame: Primero, una gran bienvenida para todos nuestros miembros de parte de VMenFangirl y Eleonora79

:iconladytalon1::iconmilkthymellocow::iconthe-piratequeen::iconbig-ogre::iconrushgirl2112::iconyurimilawliet::icondoris4u::iconat-infinity::iconlol18117::iconmatildaa::iconthegeminidream::iconsaizardrancher::iconravenlunatic666::iconifchickenswascandy:, :iconbloody-dementia:, :iconglassrose2000:, :iconwolfshield::iconkaiwaiikoneko-chan::iconcaleighrg::iconpsycho--princess::iconcherise75::iconlord-azeran::iconhikarusdh::iconjohnnynothing::iconeun-su::iconhipandfar-out::icondreycorioco::iconkuromi-xan::icontschatschi::iconseonel::iconshinatty-chan:

Gracias por unirse! :iconnewglomp: Esperamos que se diviertan! :dance:

:devilish: :bulletred::bulletblack::bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletblack::bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletblack::bulletpurple:

:devilish: Hola gente!!! :wave: Bueno, después de todo este tiempo que estuvieron esperando, nos alegra decir que el concurso que estaba en mi cuenta principal (:iconvmenfangirl:) y aquí, ha terminado :D (gracias por su interés en el :meow::heart: ) y ahora vamos a felicitar a los ganadores :dance:

:devilish: PRIMER LUGAR: :iconthe-piratequeen: (una de nuestros queridos miembros :D ) por sus dos entradas TLK-ANIME_NOT A MORNING PERSON & C.O. YAOI SLASH_CUZ I CAN (si! las dos, porque no se podía decidir por cual de los dos era el más :icondroolplz::iconeeeeeplz::iconnosebleedplz::iconpervplz::love::icononiskiplz: LOL XD )


:devilish: SEGUNDO LUGAR :iconhordaks-pupil: (él participó en VMenFangirl :D ) por PLASMIUS (tods deberían leerlo -aunque esté en inglés XD- porque es angustiosamente delicioso y muy profundo... yo lo amo!!!! :love::iconeeeeeplz::iconiluplz::icononiskiplz::iconinloveplz: )

:iconcheerplz:MUUUUUUUUUUUCHAS FELICIDADES!!!!:iconx3v2plz::icondragonspin1::icondragonspin2: Y MUCHAS GRACIAS POR PARTICIPAR!!!! :iconspazhugplz::icondragonlick: :iconcheerplz: por favor manden notita para reclamar su premio :D :glomp:

Los premios eran:

1st place: Un pic a color sobre sus 3 personajes favoritos (de VMenFangirl), 1 pic a color de Eleonora79 , un feature de 3 semanas tanto aqui como en el journal de VMenFangirl y 1 feature de 1 semana en el journal de Eleonora79  
2nd place: Un lineart sobre sus 2 personajes favoritos (de VMenFangirl), 1 sketch de Eleonora79,  un feature de 3 semanas aqui y 2 en en el journal de VMenFangirl y 1 feature de 1 semana en el journal de Eleonora79   
3rd place: Un sketch sobre su personaje favorito, feature por 3 semanas aqui, 1 en el journal de VMenFangirl y 1 feature de 1 semana en el journal de Eleonora79


Es todo por el momento, gracias a todoss, sean bienvenid@ y no olviden, si tienen preguntas tanto Eleonora79 como yo VMenFangirl se las responderemos con gusto :D

Los quiere malvadamente: VMenFangirl
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hello there, I'm the Founder of :iconyaoi-fans-unite: and would like to say thanks for trying to affiliate with our group

I only noticed just now however that your request was denied, I don't know why my admins would do so but I suppose they have their reasons

allow me to send you affiliation request instead, that is if you still want it
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